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Our Pianos

At De Ford & Sons Piano Sales LLC, we are passionate about helping you find the right piano.

We sell quality used pianos for what they are worth! What you pay is what you can expect to sell your piano for if you were to put it right back on the market. So, rather than loosing 20% of your investment when you buy a piano new or from a larger used piano dealer, you protect your investment.

Our pianos are inspected and conditioned by a Certified Piano Technician (CPT) . They come with free delivery* in the Des Moines area, 1 free tuning, and at least a 1-year warranty.

Why Us?

We work with your budget and if we don’t have what you want in YOUR price range we will find it!
Our goal is to make your piano purchasing adventure as simple and stress-free as possible.

You are working with someone who plays and knows pianos (not merely a salesman).

At De Ford & Sons Piano Sales LLC, we want to gain your trust!

Our Services

Finding the piano of your dreams is what we do, but we don’t stop there! We also move pianos and tune & repair them as well. You need someone that you can trust to take care of your piano. So we have stepped up to the plate and are ready to be there! Contact our movers today!

Have a piano to sell? Contact us about selling your piano on this site! No worry, or stress, we pick the piano up and you sit back and wait for us to call.

We are ONLY OPEN BY APPOINTMENT. Please contact us to set up your personal viewing!

*some restrictions apply, call for details

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Sohmer & Co. $1,200

Sohmer & Co. $1,200 for sale at De Ford & Sons Details coming soon!


Kimball Artist Console Year: 1981 $1,650 – SOLD

Kimball Artist Console Year: 1981 $1,650 Sold at De Ford Pianos & Sons For over a century, Kimball produced high quality pianos enjoyed by serious performers and at-home pianists alike. Built with large soundboards and long strings, this piano produces an impressive sounds. Bring music into your home with this quality instrument.


$2,450 Pearl River

$2,450 Pearl River for sale at De Ford & Sons! Want a piano with a classy look for an affordable price? Look no further! This Pearl River is truly a great instrument with lovely tone and nice touch. The mahogany is definitely a stand out, catch your eye kind of finish. more


$8,750.00 Yamaha Model: GH1 Year: 1994 – SOLD

$8,750.00 Yamaha Model: GH1 Year: 1994 Sold at De Ford & Sons Pianos Made specifically for the North American market, the GH1 series is the culmination of Yamaha’s decades of design experience.